About Me

I believe in positive self –talk. I believe that telling myself I can achieve my goals actually works.  I also believe in being healthy, especially because being healthy makes me happy.

I know this because I experienced life without being healthy and active, and let’s just say I wasn’t the happiest person in the world during that time.

I ran track in high school and was forced to stay fit. Then I hurt myself and had to have surgery on my hip when I was 16. After my surgery, I was forced to sit. (I sat around for a long time).  My doctor told me if I continued to run, I’d have to have a hip replacement by the time I’m 27 (I’m 21 now). So, I stopped running. I stopped for a couple years. When I wasn’t able to run, I kind of stopped caring about everything.

Then I positive “self-talked” myself back into working out.  I felt so unmotivated and hopeless before, and now I feel so lively.  I’m ready to take on whatever comes at me! Working out and eating healthy are definitely to blame.

Like a lot of people, I’ve been through some tough times, so I try to let myself enjoy the simple things in life, too. Simple things really can make your day better if you let them! (Along with staying active and eating well!)

Oh, and my name is Aubrey Johnson. I’m a senior public relations student at Kent State University.

E-mail me at ajohn107@kent.edu. Follow me on Twitter @aubreykjohnson.


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